Our task management tool is designed for teams to manage their tasks efficiently.

In every corner of the world, teams use OmniXRM to organize and manage their tasks in an environment with a fascinating and customizable design that adapts to their specific needs. With your choice of project list or boards, teams can streamline and automate workflows to accomplish more together. It’s your turn to know the meaning of true productivity.

New to online task management?

At OmniXRM, we pride ourselves on creating products that are truly intuitive and easy to use. These are the benefits of using our XRM:


When choosing the right online task management software for your team, the most important thing is simplicity. Don't waste your time with a crude and complicated tool that demands hours of training. Better use OmniXRM.


Many workflow management tools available in the industry limit their user interface with the bare minimum in hopes of generating revenue. This makes them practically unusable products. Rather, OmniXRM focuses on providing a complete offering with constant improvements.


Kanban is known to be the holy grail in automation software tools, and there are good reasons behind this idea. OmniXRM's Kanban-style dashboards allow you to manage tasks easily and at the same time see the progress of your project at a glance.


Give your team the tools to work together effectively. Observe what each person works on, receive notifications when there are new tasks and when they are finished, and know information about the productivity of your team through statistics and reports.


There is no manual download, installation or update required. It is perfect for teams that work remotely or those who have Internet access and want to be productive.


Using our predefined work to help you collaborate efficiently or create your own custom workflow to suit the specific needs of your team.

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