Tools Built For Your IT Infrastructure

The way of working has evolved in recent years. Currently, work requires collaboration software that allows to streamline processes, give employees more tools, promote teamwork and increase productivity.

It is important for organizations to build modern workspaces to meet the needs of their clients and provide unique experiences both inside and outside of companies.

With this in mind, at OmniXRM, we have the best collaboration software, services, and products that are tailored to the needs of each organization. Equipping teams with IT tools significantly increases people's productivity and well-being. In addition to providing companies with many benefits such as greater security and control over assets.

Benefits You Acquire

Some of the advantages of using our collaboration software include:

  • High-quality computers, tablets, and accessories.
  • Managed Print Services.
  • Collaboration tools that allow communication in chats, document synchronization, and video conferences.
  • Corporate messaging and post-administration services.
  • Cloud-based management technologies to offer self-service systems.
  • Platforms for smart work areas that integrate access controls, application management, and management of multiplatform terminals.
  • Security solutions for mobile communication and collaboration tools.
  • Our team collaboration software provides great benefits to organizations that can see big changes in their operation in a short time.
  • Apply conditional access policies, as well as extend applications and data safely for the use of personal devices.
  • Increased productivity through platforms with multiple business services that simplify tasks.

We want to provide our clients with the best collaboration tools, which is why we have a portfolio made up of some of the best brands worldwide that can completely change the way organizations work.

Improve collaboration in the workspace

These solutions allow collaborators to be connected from any device and anywhere.

Streamlines processes

Integrating applications and automation tools allows optimization flows.

Cost reduction

It is due to the possibility of obtaining solutions through different schemes

Increased security

Intelligent protection systems keep the company's IT infrastructure and resources safe.

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