Deliver projects on time and budget without difficulty.

Finishing your projects on time and on time requires boldness and control. A simple project management software will be your great ally. OmniXRM's project management tool is designed to help you keep tight control of each project, while the integrated project planning feature ensures the most efficient use of your human resources.

Milestones and tasks to manage any project

Divide your project into milestones and tasks. Assign different tasks to different people and get notified when they complete them—ideal for busy project managers. Save projects as templates and reuse them.

Accurate timekeeping equals profitable projects

By keeping track of time spent on tasks and meetings, your projects will be more profitable. Establish the different hourly rates within each project and prepare a report with an overview of the work you have already carried out. Calculate a fixed price for your project or invoice the project based on the recorded time.

Actionable information on deadlines and budgets

Your list of projects tells you which ones are working well and which ones need more attention. At any time throughout the project, our web project management also gives you a clear report on the performance of your team and informs you in detail if you are meeting deadlines and budgets.

A complete calendar

Your calendar will be up to date at all times. So you will never miss a meeting or forget a delivery again.

A centralized communication

Keep an orderly and clear record of incoming and outgoing emails, phone calls, and other communications.

An integrated accounting

Connect our project management software to your accounting program, and keep track of your invoices or send them directly to your accountant or agency.

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