Today technology is a fundamental part of the business. For this reason, organizations have had to include the management of ERP systems within their operations. With our best supply chain management software, you can optimize your administration processes and interact within the different areas of the organization.

SRM (Supplier Relationship Management)

It is in charge of the Management of Relationships with Suppliers that supply the goods or services through strategic planning and detailed analysis. With our supply chain management software, you can manage and document the information of each supplier, record, track, as well as make an assessment to identify and prevent risk.

ISCM (Internal Supply Chain Management)

It is the internal supply chain, the set of operations that are responsible for planning, demand, a delegation of functions, and internal logistics. With our supply chain management software, you can perform the following functions:

  • Products and Services Portfolio Management (PPS). In charge of the offer that the company will make to the market
  • Material requirements planning (MRP). Supply of inputs and raw materials, you can manage the supply according to your needs and coordinate delivery times
  • Customer service (SAC). You will be able to keep a record of clients, requirements, a record of complaints and suggestions, measurement, and reward according to the attention provided and the client's follow-up
  • Production and Production Control (CP). You will be able to manage data, availability of raw materials, production units, production orders, the establishment of inspections, automation of processes, inspection and maintenance of equipment, sampling, the establishment of goals, and performance flows
  • Distribution and logistics. You will be able to manage the distribution networks. Whether direct or through different warehouses, you will have the option of making shipment requests, scheduled shipments, status, routes, driver logs, and fixed assets. In the case of subcontracting, you can also keep a record of shipping providers.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

It is in charge of managing the management of clients and potential clients; you will be able to register prospects, convert them to clients, and follow up on them. Register opportunities, generate quotes, register and assign internal activities by tagging their participants, manage and keep track of their salespeople, setting goals and commissions, generate and monitor work teams. You can take your information centrally, increasing the performance and productivity of your salespeople, improving customer service.

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